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Community outreach toolkit: Good Skin Knowledge

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What is this program?

Good Skin Knowledge is the American Academy of Dermatology’s youth education program. The goal is to teach school-age and young teens, ages 8-13, the facts about common skin, hair, and nail conditions. Misunderstanding can lead to teasing and bullying, which is associated with anxiety and depression.

Why should states get involved?

This program is an opportunity for your members to give back to communities by educating youth and raising awareness of dermatology and the important lessons about how kids can properly and safely care for their hair, skin, and nails. It is also an opportunity to mentor medical students from the Dermatology Interest Group Association (DIGA) who are pursuing careers in dermatology as well as provide STEM materials to young minds.

Is this program resource heavy?

Costs are nominal – supplies are not expensive and by working with a medical student who will prep the trainings, the expected commitment time for the dermatologists is low.


How can I get involved?

We invite state societies to integrate this program as an opportunity to give back and provide skin education to youth across your state.

  • Identify an organization/school/community center/after-school club/etc.

  • Reach out to the AAD to connect with a local medical student who is a Good Skin Knowledge trainer.

  • Reach out to your membership to see if anyone is available/interested.

  • Once training is planned/executed – pursue media to highlight these efforts.

Reach out to a trained local medical student to manage the logistics
The Academy will connect you with a medical student who has participated in the Good Skin Knowledge training and is able to champion this project. For now, all trainings must be given virtually. The medical student involved in your project can help arrange this. It is important that we work with your state society to identify a local dermatologist to participate and help guide the Good Skin Knowledge session together with the medical student.

Is there an overview of the entire program?

Yes, view the program page.

Currently, eleven modules of lesson plans are available to use with turn-key craft instructions included.

Where do I get materials?

Once you are partnered with a medical student, they can assist you in obtaining the needed materials.

Important questions to consider

What is the timeline for planning?

  • Timeline to plan is about 6-8 weeks

  • Determine organization

  • Contact medical student – they will plan the logistics

  • Contact dermatologist to participate

  • Do public relations on event to highlight dermatologist/medical student/your state society/the AAD Good Skin Knowledge program

  • Provide thank you to the medical student’s school

When do Good Skin Knowledge trainings take place?

You can open the conversation with any organization at any time. Trainings can be anytime that works for the organization and the medical professionals and students who participate.

How many volunteers are needed for the training?

One medical student per 10 participating children. One dermatologist volunteer per group.

How should the training be set up?

Since it is virtual, you will need to talk to the group leader about Zoom accessibility and availability. The medical student can assist with this.


How do I approach the media?

With any community event, it is important to publicize, engage the media, and create excitement and awareness around the event and the topic.

Reach out to dermatologists through your local newspaper to encourage them to share their story.


How can I continue to educate our community?

Another important program is the AAD's Skin Cancer Screening program. Providing skin cancer screenings plays an important role in increasing public awareness about skin cancer prevention and detection.

You may also consider a Shade Structure in a community at risk.

The AAD has tips and resources about how to educate communities about skin cancer, along with free and downloadable posters and flyers to share in your communities. Download these free educational resources to help others learn how to prevent and detect skin cancer:

  • Infographics and flyers

  • Educational materials for kids

  • Videos

Stories/Best practices

Jessika Sanz, BS, preparing supplies for Good Skin Knowledge teaching project.
Good Skin Knowledge stories

Learn more about the impact of this youth education campaign by reading these stories.

Learn how to get started

To learn how to get started and access additional resources, contact AAD Community Outreach Programs.