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AAD Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Every year in May, Melanoma Monday® launches the AAD’s month-long, national Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign. It’s the time of year when the AAD advances this public education effort to position you as the experts in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. In addition, the AAD creates and shares resources and dermatologist-approved recommendations that educate the public about skin cancer prevention and detection.

Media Relations

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Our key messages on skin cancer prevention and detection drive our annual Skin Cancer Awareness campaign efforts. Ahead of the campaign, we field a survey to provide us with data on the public’s sun protection knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors. In addition, we partner with AAD members to secure compelling skin cancer patient stories. Through robust public relations efforts, the Academy leverages the survey data, the patient stories, and our member dermatologists’ knowledge to secure media coverage to educate the public how to prevent and detect skin cancer and position dermatologists as the skin cancer experts across the country. If you participate in any skin cancer media interviews, please use these key messages in your interviews. Please reach out to mediarelations@aad.org if AAD staff can assist you with your interview preparation.

Social Media

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Throughout the month of May, the AAD shares a variety of skin cancer prevention and detection tips and information through videos and graphics created for our social media channels. We encourage the public to follow us on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest and engage and share the information to help raise awareness. The hashtags #PracticeSafeSun and #YourDermatologistKnows are included with our social posts to keep the conversation about sun protection and skin cancer prevention and detection trending during May. To increase the reach of our public education messages, please follow the Academy’s social media accounts and share our posts on your social feeds.

Public Website

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Every year for Skin Cancer Awareness Month, the AAD spotlights skin cancer prevention and detection educational content on its public website. The Academy’s media relations and social tactics encourage the public to visit this website to access a variety of skin cancer information, infographics, videos, and other resources to help them prevent and detect skin cancer, as well as find a dermatologist in their community. Please direct your patients to PracticeSafeSun.org to learn more about how to protect themselves from the sun.

Be sure to direct your patients to aad.org/public for resources on how to care for their skin, hair, and nails year-round.