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AAD 2021 SPOT Skin Cancer Awareness Month

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Melanoma Monday® launched the AAD’s month-long, national Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign in May. Every year, the AAD advances this public education effort to position you as the experts in diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer and educate the public about skin cancer prevention and detection.

Media Relations

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Our key messages on skin cancer prevention and detection drive our annual Skin Cancer Awareness campaign efforts. This year, thanks to compelling patient stories provided to us by AAD members, the Academy coordinated media interviews with dermatologists and skin cancer patients in eight cities across the U.S. Those stories were seen by the public more than 1.5 billion times. In addition, our key messages on skin cancer prevention and detection along with the importance of seeing a board-certified dermatologist were covered in 1,640 news stories.

Social Media

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This year, we continued the success and momentum of the Academy’s #PracticeSafeSun campaign to raise awareness about sun protection and skin cancer prevention and detection. To expand our reach, we introduced innovative tactics through our public social media channels to further position the specialty.

These tactics garnered 2.2 million impressions across our public social media platforms that include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with more than 1,700 uses of the #PracticeSafeSun hashtag during the month of May alone. Our Instagram channel – @AADskin1 – was our social media home for the #PracticeSafeSun campaign and included a variety of innovative tactics.

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Every year, for Skin Cancer Awareness Month, the AAD creates educational content for the campaign’s online hub, housing all-things-skin-cancer-prevention-and-detection-related. Featuring key messages, infographics, and links to additional resources and information, more than 11,000 pageviews were tracked on in May.

Be sure to direct your patients to for resources on how to care for their skin, hair, and nails year-round.

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