Access to drugs


Prior authorizations

Access the prior authorization letter generator and resources designed to help patients navigate prior authorizations, drug pricing, and step therapy issues.



Learn how federal and state level regulations affect access to office-use and in-office preparation of compounded medications in your practice.


Drug access issue overview

Get more information on drug pricing, AADA advocacy work, and resources to help patients gain access to necessary treatments.


Step therapy

Learn about current step therapy laws and how to volunteer to testify when legislation is active in your state.


Formulary restrictions

Use the AADA’s online form to share your experience with drug coverage changes, prior authorizations, and/or step therapy.


Drug shortages

Learn more about how the AADA is engaged in the drug shortage issue, and download a letter for patients to send to lawmakers.


Drug shortages

Get information on current drug shortages and learn what the AADA is doing to address the issue.