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UX Guidance for forms

  • Collect the minimum amount of information you need from the users. The longer the form, the more unlikely it is for the users to actually fill it out.

  • Be also mindful of the data that you collect: Take into account the latest changes in privacy laws. If possible, avoid collecting and storing data that has the burden of being personally identifiable.

  • Do not require users to enter the same information more than once.

  • Display default values whenever a likely default choice can be defined.

  • Use at least two radio buttons together. If users can choose not to activate any of the radio button choices, provide a choice labeled “None.”

To keep our approach to forms consistent, only use Wufoo to create your forms.

After creating form, add Wufoo form tag to Wufoo component.

Enter the embed code from WuFoo to the Wufoo Hash field

Example form on the bottom of this page: