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Is it really acne?

Find a wealth of information on acne and acne-like breakouts and how a dermatologist can help diagnose and treat the condition.

Distinguish acne from rosacea
Acne or rosacea?

Both can cause redness and breakouts. This infographic shows you how they differ.

Woman looking at face in mirror
Adult acne

If the acne treatment that worked so well in your teens fails, you could still have acne. Here’s why.

Close up of newborn baby's face with red rash acne and pimples commonly known as baby acne.
Is that acne on my baby’s face?

Yes, some babies get acne. Find out when you’re likely to see it and where it appears.

Young woman touching his face
Is that stubborn acne really acne?

Some conditions can look a lot like acne. Could your acne actually be one of these 6 conditions?

Illustration of woman with different types of acne blemishes on face
Acne: Symptoms

Acne can cause more than pimples. These pictures show you what each type of breakout looks like.

Teen touching acne on face
What exactly is acne?

It’s the most common condition dermatologists treat. See what they advise to clear virtually anyone.