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Your safety

Cosmetic treatments may look easy to perform, but having one done safely requires in-depth medical knowledge of the skin and what lies beneath. Board-certified dermatologists have this medical knowledge, which means a lower risk of complications.

Cosmetic treatments

Before getting cosmetic treatment, ask questions

To reduce your risk of developing complications, here’s what you need to know.

Cosmetic procedures: Are they safe for people 65 and older?

Find out what may be more important than your age.

Who should provide your cosmetic treatment?

Your results depend largely on the person who performs your cosmetic procedure. Find out how to find the right person to perform your treatment.

Safety and types of treatment

Tattoo removal: Lasers outshine other methods

Discover what you need to know if you want to remove a tattoo.

Whole body cryotherapy can be hazardous to your skin

Frostbite and frozen limb are just two of the health hazards. See what else can happen.