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Skin care secrets for darker skin tones

Dermatologists are known for sharing skin care tips with patients. See what these doctors recommend for treating acne, dark spots, and more on darker skin tones.

Happy teenager looking in her bedroom mirror
Clear acne and lingering dark spots

These 10 science-backed tips can help you clear acne and the dark spots that tend to appear when acne clears.

Woman worries about dry skin on her face while looking in the mirror
3 dermatologists share their dry skin remedies

Is your dry skin noticeable and uncomfortable? These tips that dermatologists give their patients who have darker skin tones can help.

Woman sitting on couch at home, using laptop
Help for light spots on brown or black skin

Dermatologist Nada Elbuluk, MD, FAAD, shares her advice on how to even out your skin tone when light spots appear.

Dark spots appeared after acne cleared
How to fade dark spots in darker skin tones

Have you tried treating dark spots on your own without getting the results you want? These dermatologists’ tips can help.

Man shaving beard in a way that helps prevent razor bumps
Razor bump remedies for men with darker skin tones

Do you get razor bumps when you shave your face and neck? You don’t have to live with the bumps and discomfort. See what can help.

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