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Skin care for acne-prone skin

Find a wealth of resources on skin care for acne-prone skin and how dermatologists can help.

Dermatologists’ skin care tips

Acne friendly skin care can help reduce breakouts. Learn what dermatologists recommend.

Young man applying lotion on his face
10 skin care habits that can worsen acne

You may be worsening acne without knowing it. See common habits to avoid and what to do instead.

A young woman touching her face
Quiz: Can you clear acne?

Skin care can help clear (or worsen) acne. Take this quiz to find out which your skin care is doing.

Moisturizer: Why you may need it

If you have acne, you may never think of using a moisturizer. Here’s when it may help.

Photo for an article about how to control oily skin
How to control oily skin

Acne-prone skin is often oily. To keep oily skin under control, follow these tips from dermatologists.

Pimple popping

Find out why DIY pimple popping can backfire and what can help.