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Eczema: Types and treatment

A little boy with red, irritated face with a towel over his head
Atopic dermatitis

Often beginning in childhood, this is a common type of eczema. Here are signs that a child may have it.

Diaper rash ointment
Contact dermatitis

Almost everyone gets this type of eczema at least once. Find out when to see a dermatologist.

Scratching bottom of foot
Dyshidrotic eczema

Tiny blisters on your hands, feet, or both is one sign of this type of eczema. See other signs.

Man scratching his hand
Hand eczema

If the skin on your hands is dry, thick, and scaly, you might have hand eczema. Relief requires finding the cause.

Woman scratching her hand

It can clear completely with the right treatment. However, finding what works for you can take time.

Close up of a senior man looking out of the window at home.
Nummular eczema

With the right treatment, many people see this eczema go away. Here’s what treatment involves.

Close up of mature woman hands touching her lower legs and painful ankle
Stasis dermatitis

Self-care is essential for getting this eczema under control. See what dermatologists recommend.