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What causes acne?

Access a wealth of resources on what causes acne and how dermatologists can help.

What really causes acne?
What really causes acne?

Myths about what causes are common. Knowing the facts can lead to clearer skin.

Photo of healthy foods
Acne and diet

Research suggests that some foods can worsen acne. Find out what you may want to avoid.

Young man in a store looking at a shampoo bottle
Hair care products that cause acne

Tiny bumps along your hairline and forehead could be acne. If it’s acne, making these changes can help.

Is it okay to wear makeup?

Yes, you can wear makeup. Here’s how to select the right cosmetics and care for your skin.

Lacrosse game
Sports equipment can cause acne

Sports equipment can cause a type of acne called acne mechanica. These 4 tips can help clear your skin.

Young woman at a health club
Workouts can lead to acne

You can work out and see clearer skin. Follow this advice that dermatologists give their patients.