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Psoriasis triggers: How to find and manage yours

Close up of a cigarette in a person's hand
Are triggers causing your psoriasis flare-ups?

If psoriasis flares for no apparent reason, something may be triggering it. This information can help you figure out if you have any common psoriasis triggers.

woman eating hot pepper
Can eating certain foods trigger a psoriasis flare-up?

In this video, board-certified dermatologist Steve Feldman, MD, PhD, FAAD, answers this question.

woman in winter scarf
What can help reduce psoriasis flare-ups?

Does cold weather or stress trigger your psoriasis? Board-certified dermatologist Alexa Boer-Kimball, MD, MPH, FAAD, explains how to reduce these flare-ups.

Angry male driver shouting in his car
Is stress a trigger?

Do you get flare-ups when you're feeling overwhelmed or stressed? Watch as a board-certified dermatologist tells you if stress can worsen psoriasis.

Neon sign of quiz frame on brick wall background
Are you ready to manage your psoriasis triggers?

Taking this short quiz will tell you whether you can find and manage your psoriasis triggers. You’ll also get dermatologists’ tips that can help.