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Darker skin tones

Help for skin, hair, and nail problems that disproportionately affect people with a darker tone.

Dermatologist sharing skin care tips with Black patients
Skin care secrets for darker skin tones

Dermatologists are known for sharing skin care tips with patients. See what these doctors recommend for treating acne, dark spots, and more on darker skin tones.

Woman with darker skin tone caring for her hair
Hair care

How you style your hair and the products you use can help keep your hair healthy. Discover what board-certified dermatologists recommend for keeping your hair looking its best.

Black woman experiencing hair loss
Hair loss

Some types of hair loss like traction alopecia are more common in people with darker skin tones. Find out what dermatologists recommend for treating different types of hair loss and what can prevent further hair loss.

Some skin conditions affect darker skin tones differently
Skin diseases and conditions in darker skin tones

Get insight from dermatologists about some skin conditions that affect darker skin tones, either more frequently or more severely.

Man caring for his skin
Diseases A-Z

Find information about diseases that affect the skin, hair, or nails in people of all skin tones.

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