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DIY acne treatment

Find a wealth of resources to help you manage acne, pimples, zits, whiteheads, and blackheads, and learn when to see a dermatologist to treat your acne.

Woman with adult acne applying cleanser on her face in front of a mirror.
Adult acne: How to treat it yourself

You can often effectively treat adult acne at home. See what two board-certified dermatologists recommend.

Young man reducing acne by following skin care tips from dermatologist.
Acne: Self-care

You can reduce your acne by following these skin care tips from dermatologists.

Woman looking in mirror inspecting a pimple
How to treat a deep, painful pimple

Deep, painful pimple: How to treat To alleviate pain and reduce the pimple’s size, swelling, and redness, follow this dermatologists’ advice

African american man looking in mirror
How to clear acne in skin of color

Learn how to choose effective acne-fighting products and break habits that can worsen acne.

Young woman with acne cleaning her face in front of a mirror
7 reasons to treat acne early

7 reasons to treat acne early When acne first appears, you may let it run its course. Treating it right away can prevent these problems.

Person covering their face with hair
When acne won't clear

Virtually everyone can see clearer skin. If you’re not, try these 9 tips from dermatologists.

How to treat each type of acne breakout
How to treat each type of breakout

Each type of acne blemish needs different acne treatment. Find out what works best for each blemish.

Cover image of instructional video
How to apply acne treatment for best results

How much acne product you use and the way you apply it matter. This video shows you what to do.

man with back acne
Back acne: How to see clearer skin

Treatment for back acne differs from treatment for acne on your face. See what dermatologists recommend.

Woman holding a sign with a question mark in front of her face
Are acne myths preventing you from seeing clearer skin?

Is well-meaning skin care advice worsening your acne? Take this quiz to find out.

Help your teenager survive acne
5 ways to help your teenager survive acne

If your teen feels distressed by acne, it can be difficult to comfort them. These 5 tactics may help.

Girl covering her face with her hands
Emotional effects of having acne

Living with visible acne can reduce self-esteem. Here’s one thing you can do to prevent this.

Doctor shaking a young adult patient's hand
When to see a dermatologist

Wondering if you should see a dermatologist about your acne? Answer these questions to find out.

Pharmacist or doctor placing a warning label on a medicine bottle
Serious allergic reactions possible

Acne treatment that you can buy without a prescription rarely causes a serious side effect. When it does, here’s what can happen.

A young woman touching her face
Quiz: Can you clear acne?

Are you using the right skin care and acne treatment for your acne? Find out by taking this quiz.