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How to find skin cancer

Woman looking at mole under her arm
How to check your skin for signs of skin cancer

Learning how to check your skin is a valuable life skill. It can help you find skin cancer early when the cancer is highly treatable.

Dermatologist examines birthmark of senior woman
How can I tell if I have skin cancer?

The best way to find out whether you have skin cancer is to see a board-certified dermatologist. This is what you can expect when you do.

Birthmarks or a mole on a woman's skin
Can you spot skin cancer?

Is this a skill that everyone should have? You’ll know after watching this video.

Quiz: Can you spot skin cancer?

Do you think you could find warning signs of skin cancer on your skin? Find out by taking this short quiz.

Close-up of bare feet for a Caucasian person and an African American person
Can I get skin cancer on any part of my body?

Watch a board-certified dermatologist answer this question. His answer may surprise you.

Diverse group of people with map from around the world
Free skin cancer screenings

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the world, and anyone can get it. That’s why the AAD offers free screenings.

Skin cancer on a yellow warning sign with wooden post at the beach
What are the signs of skin cancer?

One in five Americans will get skin cancer during their lifetime. See what two board-certified dermatologists recommend to help you find skin cancer.

Wooden ABCDE play blocks on white background
ABCDEs of melanoma

Knowing these ABCs could save your life. Here’s what to look for.

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