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Your digital health

What is digital health?

Digital health covers the many different technologies that we can use to manage our health. It includes smartphone apps, telemedicine appointments, and websites that provide health information.

Dermatologists help patients use digital health wisely

To find out how these technologies can help their patients, dermatologists have been looking at health apps, wearable devices, chatbots like ChatGPT, and more. What they’ve found is that technology can provide quick, affordable access to information and medical care, but there are some serious downsides to this access.

Within these pages, you’ll find out what you need to know to take advantage of the benefits offered by online technology while minimizing your risks.

Young bearded man sitting at laptop and talking with dermatologist about health information he found online.
Where to find accurate online health information

Finding trustworthy online information can help you have more informed talks with your dermatologist. See which sources dermatologists recommend.

Woman using a symptom checker app on her phone
Apps that dermatologists do and don’t recommend

Can an app really diagnose skin cancer or tell you what’s causing that rash on your skin? See what studies show.

Man checking smartwatch to see steps taken
Stop medical devices from sharing your data

The amount of medical information that a wearable medical device collects can start to look like a medical record. See how you can limit who sees your medical information.

Stock art illustration for Medicare Advantage updates
What is telemedicine?

Find out what this type of medical appointment involves and when it can be helpful.

Telemedicine appointment
Telemedicine appointments: Prepare in 7 simple steps

To get the most from a telemedicine appointment with your dermatologist, it helps to spend a little time preparing. Here’s what dermatologists recommend.

Mother with young child using telemedicine to visit an online medical clinic about a skin concern
Telemedicine: How to get quality care

Thanks to online clinics, you can see someone about a skin concern 24/7. Find out how to get quality medical care for a skin, hair, or nail concern.

Woman using a cell phone to take pictures of a mole on her friend’s back
How to take pictures of your skin

Your dermatologist may ask you to take pictures before a telemedicine appointment or to see how well treatment is working. These five, easy-to-follow steps show you how to take the photos your dermatologist needs.

Hand holding a clear globe that contains a locked padlock to indicate the medical information is secure
9 ways to protect your online health information

You have the right to control how your online health information is accessed, used, and disclosed. See what dermatologists recommend.