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Insider secrets to help you control psoriasis

Fresh vegetables, a fish, and other healthy foods
A diet for psoriasis?

While there’s no one diet for psoriasis, changing what you eat may help reduce flare-ups. Here’s what studies have found.

Photo of healthy foods
Diet and lifestyle changes that can improve psoriasis

Everyone can benefit from a healthy lifestyle. When you have psoriasis, a healthy lifestyle can give you these extra benefits.

yawning woman
Can psoriasis make you feel tired?

If you feel tired most of the time, psoriasis could be to blame. You may be able to boost your energy level by making these changes.

Woman suffering from stomach pain
Psoriasis can affect more than your skin

Psoriasis can increase the risk of developing other medical conditions. Tell your dermatologist if you have any of these signs or symptoms.

Image of a woman's arms with patches of dark skin
What can treat dark spots that appear as psoriasis clears?

In this video, a board-certified dermatologist explains why some people develop these spots on their skin and whether you need to treat them.

Close up portrait of stressed young man with strong migraine grimace. He is wearing a suit jacket, holding his glasses, sitting at the workplace.
Psoriasis: Tips for managing

If you feel overwhelmed by caring for your psoriasis, start with these basic tips that dermatologists give their patients.

Headshot of Cyndi Lauper
How Cyndi Lauper rocks psoriasis control

She knows firsthand how difficult it can be to live with severe psoriasis. To help others gain control over psoriasis, she offers her unique insight.