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Psoriasis treatment can change during each stage of life

Psoriasis is a chronic condition, which means you may treat it for life. As your body changes with age or you start a family, you may need to treat psoriasis differently. 

Happy young couple
Men trying to start a family

Men can use most psoriasis treatments, but not methotrexate. Here’s why.

Pregnant woman
Pregnant or breastfeeding?

Some treatments will be off limits. If you need to treat, you can consider these options.

Mother and child meet with board-certified dermatologist about molluscum
Treatment safe for children

Some psoriasis treatments can treat children. A board-certified dermatologist explains.

Shot of a happy elderly couple on the beach
How to treat psoriasis at 65 years of age and beyond

As your body changes, you may need to change how you treat psoriasis. Find out what adjustments and medications dermatologists recommend.