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Hair styling tips that can reduce flares of scalp psoriasis

Women getting hair washed at salon
Your dermatologist can give you personalized tips for hair care based on your ethnicity, hair style, and the type of scalp psoriasis you have.
If you have scalp psoriasis, hair care can make a difference. Scalp psoriasis makes your scalp dry and easily irritated, so you want to be gentle when styling your hair. Dermatologists recommend the following general advice:

Brushing and combing: Be gentle when brushing and combing. Scratching or scraping your scalp with a brush or comb can cause a psoriasis flare on your scalp. 

Rollers and curling irons: Take care when using these and limit how often you use them. Avoid pulling on your hair.

Prevent hot rollers and curling irons from touching your scalp. The heat can irritate or burn your scalp, which could cause a psoriasis flare. 

Tight hairstyles: Avoid these. Pulling too tightly on the hair can irritate the scalp, causing psoriasis to flare. Over time, it can also cause hair loss. 

Coloring, perming, or relaxing your hair: These can boost your self-esteem, but they can also cause psoriasis to flare. 

You can reduce flares by:

  • Asking your dermatologist what is recommended if you want to color, perm, or relax your hair.

  • Avoid coloring, perming, relaxing, and blowouts when you have a psoriasis flare.

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