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Treating childhood eczema

When a child has eczema, the child’s skin is extremely sensitive. To relieve discomfort and help clear the skin, dermatologists create a treatment plan that involves:

  • Following an eczema friendly skin care plan

  • Using eczema medicines and therapies as directed

  • Managing your child’s triggers

Because skin care and managing triggers are crucial to controlling eczema, you’ll find information that can help you effectively use these methods in other sections.

Here you’ll discover what can be done to control eczema and how you can start to take control.

Newly diagnosed: What parents ask

Should a child who has eczema see a dermatologist?

A board-certified pediatric dermatologist answers this question.

Can eczema be cured?

If your child has eczema, knowing the answer to this question can help you avoid common pitfalls.

Can food fix eczema?

Removing certain foods from your child’s diet can do more harm than good. Find out why.

How to start gaining control of your child’s eczema

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