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How to reduce eczema flares with moisturizer

Eczema creates tiny cracks in the skin, so the skin loses water quickly. This is why skin with eczema feels so dry. Applying a gentle, fragrance-free moisturizer immediately after a bath — and as often as your dermatologist recommends — is one of the best treatments for dry, itchy skin.

This infographic shows you how to apply moisturizer in three easy steps to help reduce eczema flares.

Infographic shows dermatologists’ tips to help you use moisturizer to reduce eczema flare-ups

How to reduce eczema flares with moisturizer

An eczema friendly moisturizer is one of the best treatments for eczema. To get the best results, follow these 3 easy steps to apply moisturizer.

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Written by:
Paula Ludmann, MS

Reviewed by:
Elaine T. Kaye, MD, FAAD
J. Klint Peebles, MD, FAAD
Dara D. Spearman, MD, FAAD

Last updated: 10/26/22