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Childhood eczema: How to spot related health concerns

Eczema increases the risk of developing other health conditions. Asthma and hay fever are common.

In this section, you’ll find dermatologists’ insight (based on the latest research) that can help you:

  • Reduce the risk of your child developing some related health conditions.

  • Recognize and care for related health conditions.

Baby crying in crib. Itchy eczema can cause sleep loss.
What can help a child with eczema sleep?

Itchy eczema can cause sleep loss. Find out what dermatologists recommend if your child can’t sleep.

Moody teen
Can eczema affect my child’s mood?

The constant itch often affects a child’s mood. Here are research-proven ways to ease the discomfort.

A skin infection can look a lot like eczema. Baby with eczema
Is that eczema or an infection on my child’s skin?

Eczema and a skin infection can look alike, but need different treatment. Use this insight to tell them apart.

Girl with asthma inhaler
Can eczema increase risk of asthma and food allergies?

Yes, eczema increases the risk of developing these health conditions. Here’s what dermatologists recommend if your child may have one or more of these conditions.

happy baby eating
Asthma, food allergies, and eczema: What should I know?

You’ll find insight gleaned from the latest research to help you recognize and care for these related health conditions.

Baby with her mother having her mouth examined at doctor's office
Does eczema put my child at risk for infections?

Parents often ask board-certified pediatric dermatologist, Amy Paller, MD, FAAD, this question. Here’s what she tells them.

A child pointing at a cold sore on his face
Cold sores: Should I keep a child with eczema away?

When someone has a cold sore, you can reduce your child’s risk of developing a serious infection by following these 3 dermatologists’ tips.

Woman getting vaccine
Smallpox vaccine: What are the risks if someone has eczema?

Few people receive the smallpox vaccine. If you or someone close to your child does, it’s essential to follow these precautions.