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Treating childhood eczema

Newly diagnosed: What parents ask

Happy baby. Find out if something on your child’s own body could be triggering the eczema.
Should a child who has eczema see a dermatologist?

A board-certified pediatric dermatologist answers this question.

Happy boy
Can eczema be cured?

If your child has eczema, knowing the answer to this question can help you avoid common pitfalls.

Baby eating. Parents often experiment with food in hopes of curing eczema, but research shows this seldom works.
Can food fix eczema?

Removing certain foods from your child’s diet can do more harm than good. Find out why.

Will treating eczema improve my child’s health?
Will treating eczema improve my child’s health?

Yes, treating your child’s eczema has benefits. Here are six.

Mother holding son
4 infection fighters to avoid if your child has eczema

When a child has eczema, dermatologists often recommend that parents avoid the treatments on this do-not-use list.

Allergy test
When does a child with eczema need allergy testing?

Not every child who has eczema should have allergy testing. Find out when your child may need it.

How to gain control of your child’s eczema

Girl with her dermatologist. Following a dermatologist’s treatment plan can help a child feel better.
How do dermatologists control eczema?

A treatment plan includes more than medication, which is only prescribed when needed. See what else a child’s eczema treatment plan includes.

Baby bathing
How to treat eczema in babies

To help manage your baby’s symptoms and reduce flare-ups, dermatologists recommend these tips.

Mom and toddler
How will I know what to do to control the eczema?

As your child’s eczema waxes and wanes, you treat it differently. This simple solution will help you use the right treatment every time,

sleeping baby. When eczema is under control, a child can sleep peacefully.
Is it possible to keep eczema under control?

Yes. Find out what you need to know.

Eczema treatment: Corticosteroids applied to the skin
Eczema treatment: Corticosteroids applied to the skin

Due to their safety and effectiveness, corticosteroids are commonly used to treat eczema in people of all ages, including young children. This fact sheet highlights what parents often want to know about this treatment.

Infant treated for eczema
Severe atopic dermatitis: Can anything bring relief?

When eczema becomes severe, it may seem that nothing will calm your child’s skin. Discover how a dermatologist can help you reclaim control.

boy and mom and laptop
Checklist to help you keep eczema under control

A treatment plan for childhood eczema often includes skin care, trigger management, and medication. This checklist can help you know when to do what.

Baby eating
Do certain foods cause eczema to flare?

To prevent eczema flare-ups, have you stopped feeding your child certain foods? Here’s why dermatologists seldom recommend this approach.