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What kids should know about eczema

Eczema is common in kids

Do you have itchy skin? It might be a common condition called eczema.

Does it seem like your skin is almost always itchy, itchy, itchy? That you scratch like crazy and it still itches?   

A bunch of things can make your skin itch. Sometimes the itchiness happens once and goes away. But if your skin is so itchy it drives you nuts, and it happens a lot, talk to your parents. It might be something called eczema. Another name for it is dermatitis. These are big words for itchy skin.

Lots of kids have eczema. But it can look different on different kids. You might have:

  • Red bumps that are kind of scaly and feel rough and dry.

  • Oozing skin.

  • Itchy skin but you can't see anything on it at all.

Don't worry about catching eczema or passing it on to your friends. Eczema isn't contagious.

You can't cure eczema, but it might just go away when you grow up. About half of kids who have eczema don't have it when they become adults.

In the meantime, there is stuff you can do to keep it from being so annoying. Talk to your parents about helping you deal with your itchy skin. If it's really bugging you, your mom or dad can make an appointment with a skin doctor (dermatologist).

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