Will treating eczema improve my child’s health?

Comfortable child learning without distractions: If itchy eczema interferes with a child’s sleep or makes it hard to concentrate, it can be difficult for a child to learn.

Getting your child’s eczema under control can have many health benefits. Controlling eczema can:

  • Prevent eczema from getting worse: Without treatment, eczema can progress. The more severe the eczema becomes, the harder it is to treat.

  • Reduce risk of getting skin infections: Scratching causes tiny breaks in the skin, which allows microorganisms like bacteria to get inside the body.

  • Ease your child’s discomfort: Skin can be itchy and painful.

  • Allow your child to sleep: Intensely itchy skin can cause your child to wake up often. Sleep is essential for kids. Children who don’t get enough sleep often gain less weight than they should.

  • Concentrate during school and while doing homework: Lack of sleep combined with intensely itchy skin can make it difficult for a child to do well in school.

  • Feel more confident: Having patches of dry, inflamed, itchy skin can cause a child to feel embarrassed. Some kids develop depression and anxiety.

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