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Itch relief and skin care

Baths and moisturizers play an important role in treating eczema. By bathing and moisturizing your child’s skin as your dermatologist recommends, you can:

  • Ease your child’s discomfort

  • Decrease eczema flares

  • Improve your child’s response to treatment

  • Reduce the need for medicine

In this section, you'll find skin care advice that dermatologists give parents.

Home remedies: What can relieve itchy eczema?

These research-proven home remedies can help relieve your child’s itchy skin.

Why are baths and moisturizer important treatments?

A board-certified pediatric dermatologist explains.

How to bathe a child who has eczema

Eczema makes the skin very dry. Follow these simple steps to hydrate the skin at bath time.

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