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How to find and avoid what triggers your child's eczema

Trigger: Anything that aggravates your child’s skin. A trigger can either:

  • Cause a new eczema flare-up

  • Worsen existing eczema

3 key facts about eczema triggers

If your child has eczema, you should know the following:

  1. Many things can trigger eczema — including dry air, sweat, and stress.

  2. A trigger that causes one child’s eczema to flare may not cause another child’s eczema to flare.

  3. As a child grows older, eczema triggers can change.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to manage your child’s triggers. Discover what can help.

How to find and avoid eczema triggers

Triggers on your child’s body

Find out if something on your child’s own body could be triggering the eczema.

How can I find indoor eczema triggers?

Learn if any common indoor triggers are causing your child’s eczema to flare and how to avoid them.

How can I find outdoor eczema triggers?

Discover what can treat flares caused by outdoor triggers and how to prevent future flares.

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