Contact dermatitis: Who gets and causes

Many people develop contact dermatitis on the job: Handling tulip bulbs for many hours caused this worker’s allergic contact dermatitis.

Beauticians and nurses often get contact dermatitis: Having wet hands frequently throughout the day can irritate the skin, causing irritant contact dermatitis.

Drug-induced lupus: Medicine can cause this type of lupus. The lupus usually clears when the drug is stopped.

Tradespeople often get contact dermatitis: Sawdust from exotic woods caused this cabinetmaker’s rash.

People who wear latex gloves get contact dermatitis: Many people who wear latex gloves at work develop an allergy to latex, as did this dentist.

Athletes get contact dermatitis: Athletic gear is a common cause of contact dermatitis. A wet suit caused the rash on this man’s leg.

People who play a musical instrument get contact dermatitis: Playing an instrument can cause a rash where your skin touches the instrument.

Jewelry can cause contact dermatitis: Nickel is common in jewelry. Many people are allergic to nickel and develop a rash when jewelry that contains nickel touches their skin.

Rash caused by wire in a hearing aid: Many people who wear eyeglasses develop a similar rash. Eyeglass frames can contain nickel.

Poison ivy is a common cause of contact dermatitis: Many people develop an allergy to poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac.

Fiberglass can cause contact dermatitis: Working with fiberglass tends to irritate the skin, causing irritant contact dermatitis.