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Melanoma treatment

When treating melanoma, doctors strive to remove all the cancer. Because surgery (aka surgical removal) tends to be the most effective way to do this, a patient who has melanoma will often have surgery. If you have an early melanoma, your dermatologist can often perform this surgery during an office visit. This may be the only treatment you need.

Female dermatologist examining female patient's skin with dermascope, carefully looking for signs of skin cancer
Melanoma: Diagnosis and treatment

Find information about the different treatments and life expectancy.

Woman dermatologist examining a patient's face for melanoma
Treatment: Head and neck

Melanoma can behave differently on the head and neck. Here’s what a treatment plan may look like.

Illustration of a cell mass changing or spreading
When melanoma spreads to the brain

Attacking the cancer with different types of treatment can improve how well each works.