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Newly diagnosed with melanoma

If your diagnosis seems overwhelming right now, you may find peace of mind by focusing on one good thing, such as the positive things you can do to fight the cancer.

Diagram of steps after a melanoma diagnosis
I’ve been diagnosed with melanoma! Now what?

Here’s what you need to know.

image for financial assistance
Financial help for people who have skin cancer

If you cannot afford treatment, these organizations can help.

A dermatologist meets with his patient and her daughter
Tips for talking with your dermatologist after diagnosis

Have you been diagnosed with melanoma? Are you going through treatment? These tips can help make sure you give your dermatologist essential information.

Worried woman looking out window during a rain shower
7 ways to find peace of mind after diagnosis

It’s natural to worry after being diagnosed with melanoma. Getting help dealing with worry and other emotions can bring peace of mind.

Close-up of man getting lymph nodes in his neck checked by a doctor
Lymph node biopsy: Why would I need one?

When melanoma starts to spread, it often travels to a lymph node near the melanoma first. Knowing the stage of your cancer helps your doctors create an appropriate treatment plan.