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No one knows your skin better than a board-certified dermatologist.

Partner with the expert for the best care.

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Dermatologist examining rash on patient’s arm
What is a dermatologist?

A dermatologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis of skin, hair, and nail conditions. Find out why you’re in good hands when you see a dermatologist.

Multi-aged team of dermatologists
How to select a dermatologist

You have choices when it comes to your health care. Here’s how to choose the dermatologist who aligns with your needs.

Board-certified dermatologist, an FAAD, cheerfully talking with patient
What is an FAAD?

When you see the letters FAAD, you know you're seeing a board-certified dermatologist. Find out what this means to your care.


Patient asking dermatologist a question during office visit
Diseases and conditions

Want to know what dermatologists tell their patients about managing conditions that affect the skin, hair, or nails? You'll find their expertise and insight here.

Woman washing her face
Everyday care

This insight from board-certified dermatologists can help you take the best possible care of your skin, hair, and nails.

Woman scratching very itchy skin
Kidney disease: Warning signs that appear on the skin

Intensely itchy skin and a grayish pallor can be signs of kidney disease. See what other warning signs may appear on your skin.

Smiling man riding a bicycle on a warm summer day
Scaly rash could be seborrheic dermatitis

Winter and early spring are when this common skin condition is most likely to flare. Treatment can help you feel more comfortable.

Illustration showing coronaviruses on blue background
Coronavirus Resource Center

COVID-19 can affect your skin and hair. Find out what COVID toe means, why you may experience hair loss after recovering from COVID-19, and more.

Woman applying moisturizer to her face
skin healthy magazine

Learn dermatologists’ top skin care tips, plus your guide to defeat dry skin and how to talk to kids about skin and hair.

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5 tips for your best filler results from dermatologists

If you’re interested in adding more fullness to your skin, then fillers may be for you. Fillers can restore fullness to the face, decrease fine lines, plump lips, diminish scars, and give nearly immediate results.

If you are considering fillers, board-certified dermatologists recommend following these tips to get the best results and avoid complications.

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Smiling young woman applying moisturizing cream on her face
Skin care for your 20s

The skin care choices you make now will affect what your skin looks like in your next decade – and beyond. See what two board-certified dermatologists recommend you do in your 20s.

Man choosing sunscreen product in department store
Sunscreen FAQs

Sunscreen plays an important role in protecting your skin from the sun. Find out how to use it to get the protection you need.

Man shaving beard in a way that helps prevent razor bumps
Razor bump remedies for darker skin tones

Does shaving your beard area cause countless razor bumps and constant discomfort? These tips from dermatologists can change that.

Dry skin on the heels of a woman's feet
How to care for dry, cracked heels

Do your heels become dry and cracked every winter? These expert tips from dermatologists can help alleviate the cracks and keep your heels looking their best year-round.

Laser hair removal image for public cosmetic section to be featured in navigation.
7 ways to remove unwanted hair

When it comes to hair removal, you have options. This insight from dermatologists can help you choose the best method for you.

Young woman scratching her arm for itchy skin article from American Academy of Dermatology
Relief from uncontrollably itchy skin

Find out what may be causing the itch and how you can get relief.

Learn more about everyday skin, hair, and nail care

Upgrade your routine with advice from the skin, hair, and nail experts.

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