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How to apply to Camp Discovery

All campers must initially be referred by a dermatologist.

  1. Download the camper referral form (PDF).

  2. Share the referral form with your child's dermatologist.

  3. Fax or email the completed referral form to the AAD.

Not currently being seen by a dermatologist?
Evaluation and referral by a dermatologist help to make sure that Camp Discovery is the right fit for your child. Use the AAD's Find a Dermatologist tool to locate a dermatologist near you.

Erica Svitak

“Our daughter Nina was born with a port wine stain on her face and has had countless laser treatments. She was offered the opportunity to attend Camp Discovery and it was a life changing experience.

As a first time sleep away camper, she was so nervous, but by the time Camp Discovery ended she didn't want to leave. Camp provided Nina with a safe space and allowed her to thrive. She found her voice and used it to meet so many beautiful souls from all over the world. This camp fostered something inside our daughter that made her feel so confident in her own skin, and we will always be grateful for this priceless gift. ”

─ Erica Svitak, Camp Discovery parent

Referral deadlines and processing

We encourage campers to have their referral forms submitted by May 17, 2024. However, applications will continue to be considered as long as camps have available space.

One to two weeks after the referral has been received by the AAD, families will be notified of their acceptance. Families will receive an email that includes detailed information about camp, making travel arrangements, and any additional documentation they will need to provide.

Once you've received your acceptance

Once a camper has been accepted to Camp Discovery, there are a few more steps to complete.

You will be given a link to the UltraCamp website, which you will receive upon acceptance. This will be the primary place to exchange information and where you will complete online forms and upload:

  • A camper headshot photo

  • Physician forms

  • Immunization records

Apply to Camp

Attendance at Camp Discovery requires a dermatologist referral. Share the referral form with your dermatologist, who will submit it to the AAD.

Download Referral Form

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