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Frequently asked questions for campers and their families

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These frequently asked questions provide campers and their families with more information about Camp Discovery.

Q: What is Camp Discovery?
A: Camp Discovery is for young people ages 8-16 who have chronic skin conditions. It offers a summer camping experience unlike any they've had before.

Q: How much will it cost for my child to attend Camp Discovery?
A: There is no fee for camp. All fees, including transportation, are provided by the American Academy of Dermatology through generous donations from its members, and other organizations and individuals.

Q: How do I know if my child is qualified to attend Camp Discovery?
A: Eligibility is determined upon recommendation by the child's dermatologist and approval by the Camp Discovery medical director. A referral form is available here.

Q: Who will take care of my child's medication and health needs while at camp?
A: Camp Discovery is staffed with various medical professionals, including dermatologists, pediatricians, physician assistants, and nurses. Each camp location is equipped to handle daily medical care regimens and medical emergencies.

Q: What will my child do if he or she cannot or chooses not to participate in a camp activity?
A: Our staff and counselors understand that each camper has varying degrees of interest and ability for camp activities. If a camper chooses not to participate in an activity, he or she may be placed in another group during that activity and/or an alternative will be found.

Q: How are the cabin groups arranged?
A: Campers are placed in cabins based on age, sex, and health care needs. Counselors bunk in the cabins with the campers and medical staff sleep nearby to assist with any medical needs.

Q: Who should I contact for additional information?
A: For additional information regarding Camp Discovery, please email Janine Mueller at jmueller@aad.org.

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