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Protect yourself from sun

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Can sunlight kill the coronavirus?

When it’s hot and sunny outside, you may think you cannot catch the coronavirus. You can. Here’s why.

Woman with beach hat and sunglasses
What to wear to protect your skin from the sun

In addition to seeking shade and applying sunscreen, wearing sun-protective clothing goes a long way in protecting you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. To help protect your skin from the sun, dermatologists recommend wearing these items.

How to prevent skin cancer

Follow these tips to protect your skin from the damaging effects of sun exposure and reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Infographic: Say Yes to Sun Protection

This infographic gives important information on how to protect against skin cancer, including detailing the difference between physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen.

A baby outside holding a flower
Sun protection for babies

It only takes one blistering sunburn during childhood or adolescence to nearly double a person’s chance of developing melanoma later in life. To protect your baby from the sun, follow these tips from board-certified dermatologists.

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