SPOTme® free skin cancer screenings





SPOTme® national skin cancer screenings program is funded in part through a generous donation from Bristol-Myers Squibb.


SPOTme® free skin cancer screenings

Our program’s mission is to reduce the number of deaths from skin cancer in the United States by educating the public about skin cancer risk and providing free screenings to catch skin cancer in its earliest, most treatable stages.

In June 2014, the Academy expanded its screening program thanks to a generous donation from Bristol-Myers Squibb. The donation, made through a charitable grant, includes Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Melanoma Exposed™ program, a public awareness campaign designed to raise awareness of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. The Academy has integrated this program into its national skin cancer screenings program, SPOTme®.

Who will provide the skin cancer screening?

SPOTme® free skin cancer screenings are made possible by American Academy of Dermatology members, board certified dermatologists committed to detecting skin cancer in its earliest, most treatable stage and reducing incidence of the disease by raising awareness of effective skin cancer prevention techniques.

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  SPOTme_Infographic_ScreeningSince the launch of its national screening program in 1985, the AAD has conducted more than 2.4 million screenings, detected over 200,000 suspicious lesions, and exposed over 26,000 potential melanomas.