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"How to prevent skin problems while gardening" - Although gardening can be an enjoyable activity for many, it can take a turn for the worse if you injure yourself, come into contact with a poisonous plant, or have an allergic reaction. To prevent skin problems from gardening or yardwork, follow these tips from board-certified dermatologists.

Follow these tips from board-certified dermatologists:

How to prevent skin problems due to gardening

The Academy produces this video library to demonstrate dermatologist-recommended tips people can use to properly care for their skin, hair, and nails.

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Acne: How to treat deep, painful pimples
To treat this type of pimple at home, follow these tips from dermatologists to alleviate pain and reduce the swelling and redness.

Acne: Tips to help you see clearer skin
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Acne medication: How to apply topical acne medication
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African American hair: Everyday care, processing, and styling
To help African-Americans keep their hair healthy, dermatologists recommend following these tips.

Athletes foot: How to treat
Follow these dermatologists’ tips on how to avoid and treat athlete’s foot.

Bathing: How often do children need to bathe?
These guidelines from dermatologists can help you figure out how often a child needs a bath.

Bee stings: How to treat
Stings from bees, wasps, and hornets can be painful. To treat a sting and help relieve the pain, dermatologists offer these tips.

Blisters: How to prevent and treat
To prevent chafing that can lead to blisters, dermatologists recommend following these tips.

Boils and styes: How to treat
To treat a boil or stye at home, dermatologists recommend following these tips.