"Check Him Out" video

This video uses humor to show how men and women sometimes see things a little differently before encouraging women to regularly check their partner’s skin for the signs of skin cancer.

Check Your Partner infographic

Use this infographic to check your skin and your partner’s skin regularly for any new or suspicious spots.

Skin self-exam video

You can catch skin cancer early by following dermatologists’ tips for checking your skin. Watch this video to learn how to check your skin.

Download the body mole map

Use the Academy's body mole map to perform a self-exam, learn what to look for, and record your spots so you can refer back during your next visit with your dermatologist.

Tom's personal story

"It all began in the middle of my back, near the spine, where I probably would never have noticed it—except for the fact that it itched. And itched. It itched so much that my wife decided to investigate. And there it was: the tiniest mole, no bigger than a pinhead."

Annual screening reminder

Sign up and you'll receive a reminder each year to schedule your annual skin cancer screening with a dermatologist.

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