Tanning doesn’t make you more beautiful

It only makes you more at risk.  Learn More

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Find a screening

When caught early, skin cancer is highly treatable. Find a free SPOTme® skin cancer screening near you.  Learn More

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How to select a sunscreen

Find out what to look for when selecting a sunscreen.  Learn More

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Share your story

Are you a skin cancer survivor? Have you lost a loved one to skin cancer? Sharing your heartfelt experiences can help you — and others. This Valentine's Day, the AAD encourages you to share your story. Who knows how many hearts you may touch!

"Can you spot skin cancer?" video

Do you know how to spot skin cancer? In this video, the AAD used an ultraviolet camera to show people the sun damage hidden underneath their skin.

Vanessa's story

Volleyball has guided me through life. To be competitive at beach volleyball, an athlete needs to be quick. And they need to spend an unprecedented number of hours training in the sand, and therefore, in the sun. Read Vanessa's story.

Skin self-exam video

You can catch skin cancer early by following dermatologists’ tips for checking your skin. Watch this video to learn how to check your skin.

Download the body mole map

Use the Academy's body mole map to perform a self-exam, learn what to look for, and record your spots so you can refer back during your next visit with your dermatologist.

"Who's Got Your Back?" video

Think applying sunscreen to your own back is easy? In this video, a UV camera quickly reveals all the spots you can miss, underscoring the importance of asking friends or loved ones for help.

AAD and MLB teach fans how to Play Sun Smart™

Major League Baseball and all 30 Clubs are working with the American Academy of Dermatology to promote sun safety and raise skin cancer awareness through the Play Sun Smart™ initiative. Learn about what the teams are doing and how you can prevent and detect skin cancer by playing sun smart.

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