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Susan’s personal story

Susan LaDuke
My entire family is affected by skin cancer. At the age of 25, I was told by a dermatologist, it's not if, but when you will test positive. My parents both had malignant melanoma, and it took the life of my dad at 76, despite diligent check ups. His cancer went from the lymph system, to the brain and finally the liver in less than four months. My mom is currently undergoing treatment for multiple areas of squamous cell cancer. My older brother has had melanoma.

I have so many moles and spots, also called atypical nevus syndrome. And I have just been diagnosed with basal cell cancer on my neck. Despite living at the New Jersey shore, I don't spend much time at the beach, and I always use sunscreen. The idea of anyone using tanning beds is incredible to me. My children don't have my fair complexion but have had issues with atypical moles removed. This disease takes more lives each year and prevention and screening are crucial.