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Sue’s personal story

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I was diagnosed in May 2011 with recurring melanoma. I think I was in denial at first because I didn't really know that much about melanoma. Within two weeks of my diagnosis I was put through several tests and scheduled for surgery on my upper leg.

I was in the hospital for four days. I had 10-inch and 7-inch incisions and could not put any pressure on my leg. I was also told that I had to go through chemo treatments that would last one year.

Years later, I still think about it and worry every day that it could come back in a different form. I have to see my dermatologist every six months, get CAT scans every six months, cover myself while in the sun, and use lots of sunscreen.

I was a person that loved the sun and would lie out all day if I could, but those days are over. Melanoma doesn't happen overnight, and my surgeon told me that mine was probably from my sun damage of many years ago. It is frightening because we always think it will never happen to us. I just try to live every day to the fullest and pray to God to take care of me.