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Stella’s personal story

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I was diagnosed by a dermatologist with basal cell carcinoma. It first appeared as a dark pink "blemish" about the size of a pencil eraser. I kept thinking it would go away, but it didn't. At my office visit, the doctor removed the sore and also "zapped" several other "blemishes" on arms, legs, chest, and back.

The biopsy confirmed his suspicion of cancer. They also believed they had not gotten all the cancer, so I have to go in for further surgery so it doesn't reach the bone. It is right next to my nose and below my right eye.

Being a vain person (I hate to admit), I am concerned about having a big scar, but also more importantly, if they will get all of it this time. Yes, I have been a sun worshipper all my life! I regret it now.

I have done very well, joking and laughing about it and making light of it until the coping mechanism I'd been using (humor) wore off, and I became severely depressed, anxious, and nervous. Fortunately, I have a loving, supportive husband and adult son and many friends.

With much gratitude for your site and warm wishes to all the survivors.

Sincerely, Stella