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Shirley's personal story

Shirley Yates
I had a spot on my right leg. It was light brown and it started to grow, so I went to a dermatologist to have it taken off.

It took about a week for the test to come back. I got the call that no one wants to hear: it was melanoma. I went to tanning beds, swam, laid in the sun, and got severe sun burns. I am also a red head and have fair skin.

I have had four biopsies on one leg, all of which were cancer. Surgery was performed on three of them.

I have had four biopsies on my left leg. Two of them were cancer and I had surgery.

I had had six biopsies on my face. Four of them were cancer and I had surgery on two of them.

I have used fluorouracil 5% cream on my face because I had too much cancer on my face to keep cutting off. It worked great.

I tell everyone I know about skin cancer. I have kept pictures of all my surgeries and of my face using fluorouracil 5%.

I am glad to share my story. If I could save one person or one person would not go in the sun because of what I have gone through, it would mean a lot. I would then know my pain was worth it.