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Lisa’s personal story

Lisa Sosebee
I'll admit it—I loved tanning! I loved the feel of the sun, the smell of Hawaiian tropic oils, and the way I looked when I had a tan. From a very young age, my family spent time at the beach during the summer, or at the lake. When I entered my teens, I started tanning with friends, and we never wore any sort of sunscreen. When tanning beds entered the picture, I was in love! I could get a "base tan" in the early spring and when it got warm enough, I spent as much time as possible in the pool. Hours and hours on the weekends. 

In 2003, while on a beach trip with my husband (who I was only dating at the time), he noticed a mole on my back. He suggested I have the dermatologist take a look at it on my next visit. (I was seeing her for an entirely different issue.) However, when I showed it to her, she didn't hesitate to remove it for biopsy. Just a few days later, her office called with the news. "Unfortunately, you have malignant melanoma." I was scheduled for an excision soon after. 

I'm happy to say that, despite having other suspicious areas removed over the years, I haven't hear that "M" word again. Other suspicious areas have been biopsied, but thankfully, all were clear. 

I was diagnosed in October of last year with endometrial cancer, but my doctors assured me the two aren't connected. After a complete hysterectomy and radiation, I am once again cancer free. 

Let me say this loud and clear—tanning is not worth it! Embrace your pale skin!