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Kristin’s personal story

Kristin Brett
After finding a suspicious spot on my face several years ago, I made an appointment to the dermatologist, only to have her find a few more. After a biopsy, I learned that they were all squamous cell carcinomas.

Fortunately, they were caught early and all surgically removed. Following that, I had a yearly check-up. Each time, I had more "spots" removed and each time, they were found to be squamous cell. My check-ups were then moved to six months and again, almost every time, more cancers were found.

I'm very fortunate that my dermatologists have helped me stay very proactive with this, as I know that even squamous cell cancers can become deadly if they aren't removed or treated promptly.

Over the years, I have become very vocal about sun-safety with my children and now my granddaughter. I'm so pleased that my son and daughter-in-law are buying my granddaughter long-sleeved, sun-protected clothing and hats, and loading on the SPF 70 when she is in the sun. Living in Florida, we must protect ourselves if we want to enjoy the wonderful outdoor lifestyle.