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Gabeiel’s personal story

Gabriel Kauper
I'm Caucasian with light olive skin. I'd had about 10 moles removed over the last five years. All turned out benign. I'm diligent about going to the dermatologist and wearing sunscreen. But since I moved to LA four years ago, I didn't wear sunscreen all over my body all the time.

In 2018, Dr. Kormeili discovered a small black dot two inches below my solar plexus that turned out to be a melanoma. It was only 0.3 mm, but it felt like they cut deep into me to ensure that they got it all the first time.

It was on my abdomen, so it impacted a lot of my movements, but I'm glad they got it all. Recovery is going smoothly. It's been about eight weeks and the wound is nearly fully healed over.

I've also made more preventive lifestyle choices: I got UV tinting for my front windshield (which makes a noticeable difference for my hands and face); I wear sunscreen daily on my face and neck; wear a UV-rated sun-shirt when outside a lot; tend to stay inside during the heat of the day (especially late afternoon); and I tell other folks to get check-ups twice a year, and many said they have or will.