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Elexis’s personal story

Sheri Nicholls
Sherri Nicolls
My friend and co-worker, Sheri Nicholls, was diagnosed with stage III metastatic melanoma in March 2015. She noticed a mole had changed dramatically in size and color and then also noticed she had swollen lymph nodes in her neck and under her arm.

Two weeks ago, Sheri underwent a 9-hour surgery to remove the mole on her scalp as well as lymph nodes in her neck.

On Tuesday, Sheri received devastating news after having a PET scan that her melanoma had spread to her liver, bones, and the lymph nodes throughout her body. She is now considered to have stage IV metastatic melanoma.

She has been admitted to St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, California, and will receive inpatient chemotherapy treatments to try and fight the cancer that has now spread throughout her body.

Sheri's physician has informed her that her prognosis is very poor, even with the inpatient chemotherapy treatment.

Please share and spread the word on melanoma awareness.

Thank you so much for your time.