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Edward's personal story

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My wife, Theresa, became concerned about the possibility of skin cancer, and after checking, it was discovered that she needed a Mohs procedure. It was successful and she wanted me to have an examination also, but I was not interested. I thought I didn't have skin cancer, other people did.

My wife had become an expert at checking herself and noticed a disturbing mark on my back. She insisted that I have it examined by Dr. Markowtiz. I reluctantly complied, and low and behold, it was a melanoma. Dr. Markowtiz successfully removed it and since then I have had a Mohs procedure and another melanoma removed from my face.

I am now an advocate for self-examination, both by myself and by a dermatologist, on a regular basis. I am also now very aware of the dangers of sun bathing.

- Edward and Theresa Hogan