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Diana’s personal story

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My melanoma was located under my fingernail—the middle finger. It started as a stripe down the entire length, which I didn't pay attention to as I was a nail biter.

About six to seven months prior to diagnosis, it evolved. My nail was coming off, underneath was red and would bleed occasionally. It was treated as a fungal infection, and as I read that fungal infections take a very long time to heal, I was patiently doing topical treatments. It also looked like the images of fungal infections shown on the internet.

It was discovered by my hand surgeon who was attending to an injury on my other hand. I saw a dermatologist the next day. The entire biopsy sample was melanoma. Half of my finger was amputated, the sentinel node biopsy was negative and the margins were clear.

One year later I have not had any recurrence. I saw a picture of myself five years prior to diagnosis and the stripe on my fingernail was evident.