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Dawn’s personal story

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I had a pink, raised, crusty spot on my right forearm for the past two years. I have been laid off from my job and am losing my health insurance. I was forced to take care of all of my medical concerns because of this.

I went to the dermatologist to have a biopsy done. BAM: Squamous cell carcinoma! I was terrified and broke down over the news!

I had the Mohs procedure on 9/11/2013. She removed all of that cancer! Two weeks later I was diagnosed with a basal cell carcinoma on my left forearm! I had skin cancer surgery yesterday on the left arm, which by the way was very graphic!

Today, 9/27/13, I had another basal cell removed from my right thigh! I am cancer free now!

I am fair-skinned with red hair and blue eyes. I have always known that I was a skin cancer "candidate," but never dreamed I would get skin cancer!

Please, please have your skinned checked! Your family, your children, your friends need you!