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Claire’s personal story

Claire McFarlane
I was diagnosed with a melanoma in situ in 2008. I had a small freckle type mole on my inner left thigh, which became itchy. I saw my doctor and was referred to a dermatologist. After a wider excision, I was given the all clear and checked every three months. After four years, I was discharged from my treatment and given the all-clear. 

In June 2012, I found out that I had another melanoma in situ, this time on my left calf. I had the same symptoms—itchy. On that very same day I also found out I was pregnant. I have since had a wider excision and the surrounding tissue was clear, so it did not spread, as the cancerous cells were contained in the mole. What a relief so my pregnancy can continue as normal. 

Early detection is the key with skin cancer. Knowing what to look for can really improve your chances of beating this awful cancer.