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Carol Champagne
The first time in 2006—that is when i had a red pimple. It would blister and form a crust. My family doctor zapped it. Within the year, it came back. My son was ill, so I ignored it and waited for him to get better—one year and a half to be exact.

Finally, I went to see a skin specialist and was operated on within a week. I was shocked. Why me?

The Big-C word which nobody wants to hear.

I had more than 30 stitches inside out. The cancer came back for the third time this year in February. They tried the cryosurgery (freezing), but it did not remove it. I was waiting for another surgeon.

My skin specialist was brief and did not answer all my questions. He wants another opinion from another surgeon. I am patiently waiting and scared. My nose doesn't have too much skin left, and I am wondering how many times it can be done at the same area. Or is it spreading near my eyes or bone?

In all, I do count myself lucky, but I am questioning if my risk is higher for other skin cancer. Will it spread, especially if it's the third time?